Sunday, February 17, 2013

Landscape to Portrait

While Shooting landscapes in the Deep Creek area of GSMNP.  We attracted a fair amount of attention and had plenty of pleasant conversations with a number of passersby, including this couple, who asked me to take a their picture with his iPhone.  The iPhone picture was made just around the bend you see on the right side of this image, on their way up to see one of the local waterfalls.  A short time later they re-emerged  on their way back, we obviously hadn't gotten much further up the trail.  As they stopped to talk again she burst out that they were now engaged.  He had planned on having a photographer with them to capture the moment as he proposed to her at the waterfall, but the cold, icy, day kept the photographer from their appointment.  At that moment they asked if I would take their picture.  I of course agreed and removed my camera from the tripod, tried to quickly change all my settings from landscape mode to portrait mode, made of couple of quick test shots, chimped the results made a couple of adjustments and ended up with this image.



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