Saturday, July 18, 2009

Photographing with a purpose

I knew my favorite local band, Brushfire Stankgrass was performing at the local ribfest last Saturday afternoon. They were scheduled to start at 5:30pm. Knowing the orientation of the stage I was quite eager to photograph them. The band would be looking into the sun as it was setting that afternoon. Which means great warm lighting and the band would probably be wearing sunglasses, which makes them look cool. Also, I would have unlimited access all around the stage. I photograph these guys every chance I get, I enjoy listening to their music, and being able to photograph them and hear their music is a plus. Needless to say I have a fair collection of images of the band. So instead of just taking another group of pictures I decided I would photograph this performance with the purpose of putting the images into a musical slideshow, using their music as the background. One week later...I've given up. I've fought with my computer, more than just a few times processing the RAW images. I ultimately had to remove Nero 8, slideshow software and more, from the computer because I couldn't keep it from reading all the jpegs on my computer, a process I prefer my Photoshop 7 program to do. And,while Picasa is a very handy package, really does not do all that much. So here are some of my favorite images of the band, in a regular slideshow, in Picasa Web Albums.

Brushfire Stankgrass