Sunday, October 17, 2010


I read a post from Julieanne Kost the other day as a guest speaker to Scott Kelby's Blog. She talked about a motion technique that she had been working on while in a vehicle. After reading this I was immediately inspired to follow this idea and already had a set-up in mind. In years past I've set-up my camera on a tripod on the front seat of my car and captured many images of the oncoming scene. Some images were alright but nothing really hit home. Reading Julieanne's words the other day clicked on a lightbulb to turn the camera to the side instead of the front.

It took some trial and error on which setting to use and how fast to drive the car, but after a few adjustments we spent a few hours driving around and making images. Of the 285 images made that day these 9 are my favorites;

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