Saturday, August 29, 2009

Have a plan, and be prepared to change it.

Once I've dedicated some time to do some landscape photography, I will make a plan as to how I will approach the shoot. Either on paper on in my head, I make a plan on how to approach the first sequence of images. If I'm photographing a sunrise I'll decide on which lens to start with, roughly where I'll position the tripod, and if I'll fully extend the legs or not. Generally I'll sketch some hand drawings on paper to stay on track to shoot some key images. As everyone knows, things rarely go as planned. This morning was one of those days. I traveled up the Blue Ridge Parkway to photograph early morning light and valley fog around Looking Glass Rock. Rain was in the forecast so I was looking forward include some atmospheric images as well. While there was valley fog, there were no high clouds and very boring color as the sun began to rise. Trying to fight through my disappointment I kept shooting and moving to different spots to get a new look. My dance with the tripod, and of course Oliver our big white dog, seemed to catch the attention of a couple in a car that passed by and circled back a few times. They eventually pulled along side and started a conversation. As we talked about the Parkway and how much we enjoyed it he introduced himself as a board member of the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation. I looked up his name later and discovered he is the Executive Director of the Foundation...what a great morning. And the rest of the day continued as I had originally planed.

Dr. Houck M. Medford, thank you for helping make this day everything I had planned.



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